Portrait of Joe Wible
Photo courtesy of L.A. Cicero/Stanford News Service

Joseph G. Wible

Assistant to the Director
Head Librarian & Bibliographer

Harold A. Miller Library
Hopkins Marine Station
Pacific Grove, CA 93950-3094

(831) 655-6228
(831) 373-7859 (FAX)

Email: wible@stanford.edu

Joe Wible received his Masters in Library Science from Emory University and his Ph.D. in biology from University of Southern California. His doctoral work traced the impact of environment on the reproductive output of a spionid polychaete. Currently he participates in the Channel Islands Research Program's long-term monitoring of subtidal communities off southern California. Projects include the study of stomatopod populations on stable sandy bottoms, the persistence of sea urchin barrens that have destroyed kelp beds, and the correlation of El Nino with the prevalence of "wasting disease" among sea stars.

In addition to running the library, Dr. Wible is the Station's webmaster. He also helps with fundraising, publicity, and provides computer and networking support for the Station.

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