Barbara Block
Charles & Elizabeth Prothro Professor in Marine Sciences
Evolutionary, Cellular and Molecular Physiology
Senior Fellow, by courtesy, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
(831) 655 6236

bblock at stanford dot edu
Tuna Research & Conservation Center   Global Tagging of Pacific Predators    GTOPP Blog    Woods Institute
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Larry Crowder

Larry Crowder
COS Science Director
Stanford Woods Institute of the Environment Fellow
Edward Ricketts Provostial Professor
Professor of Biology, Marine Conservation
(831) 333-2099
larry dot crowder at stanford dot edu
Crowder Lab     Slide show
    COS    Woods Institute
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Guilio DeLeo

Giulio DeLeo
Professor of Biology
Population Dynamics & Management
Stanford Woods Institute of the Environment Fellow
(831) 655-6202
deleo at stanford dot edu
DeLeo Lab, Upstream Alliance
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Mark Denny
John B. & Jean DeNault Professor in Marine Sciences
(831) 655-6207 
mwdenny at stanford dot edu
Denny Lab   Slide Show
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David Epel
Jane & Marshall Steel Jr. Professor Emeritus in Marine Sciences
Cell and Developmental Biology
(831) 655-6246
depel at stanford dot edu

Epel Lab   Sea Urchin Embryology   Virtual Urchin   I2SEA
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William Gilly
Cell and Developmental Biology, Marine and Organismal Biology
(831) 655-6219
lignje at stanford dot edu

Gilly Lab   Squids-4-Kids   Back to the Sea of Cortez Expedition    TOPP Blog    Slide Show
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Jeremy Goldbogen
Assistant Professor of Biology
Comparative biomechanics, foraging energetics, functional anatomy and bio-logging technology
(831) 655-6234

jergold at stanford dot edu
Goldbogen Lab

Chris Lowe

Christopher Lowe
Associate Professor of Biology
(831) 655 6226
clowe at stanford dot edu
Lowe Lab
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Fiorenza Micheli
Professor of Biological Sciences
David & Lucile Packard Professor in Marine Sciences
Senior Fellow at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
Marine Community Ecology
(831) 655-6250
micheli at stanford dot edu
Micheli Lab     Shark Baselines
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Stephen Palumbi
Director of Hopkins Marine Station
Harold A. Miller Professor in Marine Sciences
Stanford Woods Institute of the Environment Fellow
Jane & Marshall Steel Jr. Chair of Biology
(831) 655-6210
spalumbi at stanford dot edu
Palumbi Lab      Microdocs  
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George Somero
Professor Emeritus
Biochemical Adaptation and Evolution, Ecological Physiology
Associate Director of Hopkins Marine Station
(831) 655-6243
somero at stanford dot edu
Somero Lab    Slide Show
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Stuart Thompson
Neurobiology, Signal Transduction
(831) 655-6222
stuartt at stanford dot edu
Thompson Lab
   Neuromavin    Tumblr
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Jim Watanabe
Marine Ecology & Invertebrate Zoology
(831) 655-6205
watanabe at stanford dot edu
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