160H Slide Show

Developmental Biology in the Ocean, 160H

Students used water colors to help them 'see' the embryos they were working with.

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Saturday Workshops

In June 2013 we hosted drawing, birding & photography workshops, 3 hrs for $15. Such a deal!

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Open House 2011

2253 people, twice the previous open house. See what you missed. Next one in 3 years?

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Hopkins Silly Stickers

A little imagination and a whole lot of images to play with . . .

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Nature is wonderful, but it's nice to share with others.

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summer interns (55)

Friends of Hopkins

Open to neighbors, alumni, and anyone interested in the ocean, the Friends of Hopkins is a great way to interact and support the Station's mission of teaching and research.

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Local Attractions Local Attractions

From the Monterey Bay Aquarium to Point Lobos to Cannery Row, there is lots to see and experience near by.

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Bird Rock Bird Rock

Bird Rock has become a symbol for Hopkins Marine Station with all of its many moods at low and high tides, sunrises and sunsets, stormy and clear.

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90+% of all animals are invertebrates. Warm and fuzzy is nice, but it's time to embrace the slimy side!

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Yep, we got these too.

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Do you know where your dinner is? Seaweeds are the primary producers for a vast array of life forms in our near shore ecosystems.

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Lichens Lichens

The ocean does not end at the high tide line. Many plants and animals are adapted to our salt spray and foggy summers, especially our local lichens.

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Fungi Fungi

There is a fungus among us. Cypress and pine trees bring along a lot of interesting companions.

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One of the most important tools of the biologist is the microscope camera. Representative examples from our labs are shown here.

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